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An E book CookBook From Real BDSM Players

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Sublime Raw Kale Salad

My version of Sarah's recipe is a people pleaser. It keeps well for a few days. The secret, of course, is massaging the kale. This breaks down the cellulose structure of the leaf, making it more tender and less bitter. Any kind of kale can be used but i prefer dinosaur kale for it's intense deep green color and milder flavor. Use organic produce if at all possible! Submitted by: "Sublime Cuisine"

Chocolate Cheesecake with Peanut Butter Cookie Crust with a Raspberry Topping

I made up this recipe on my own, because i love chocolate, raspberries and peanut butter. I have cooked all my life and made plenty of Cheesecakes and i wanted a unique one that i could call my own. Submitted by: "Master Magnum"

Cousin Ken’s Famous Deviled Eggs

This Recipe was donated by ken Marcus to help support Ken is a well known photographer and has worked with Playboy and has a web site called Ken has been a guest on the Rev Mel Show and on the Venus De Mila show both on and is a strong supporter of the BDSM community. Ken also started his career in photography in photographing food for many well known companies before working for Playboy. Submitted by: "Ken Marcus"

Turkey Chili with White Beans

This is a recipe i adapted after trying a lamb & white bean chili at a chili cook-off. That chili was unforgettable (although it only won third place) and i tried to recreate it. I use turkey rather than lamb because i avoid red meat. This chili keeps in the fridge for a week and can also be frozen. It gets better the next day when the flavors have steeped. Submitted by: "Sublime Cuisine"

All of these rescipes were donated to support freedom of Speech and to keep Free Live Kink TV broadcasting on TSRnetworkcom